Audit Board

Customer support in the process of auditing Active Directory platform, collaboration in the design and configuration of the requested domain, in order to satisfy this requirement, through a value proposition that allows strengthening the relationship of trust with the customer in order to extend the services of ICE Consultants.




Network Audit

Network Performance Analysis

Our work will have a clear view of the current state of the network, operating problems, levels of use, quality of links, and most consumer applications and users.

Having identified the problems of operation and network security, measures to be taken to solve the problems detected are indicated, and also allow standardize and improve communications platform.



Analysis of Network Security

It is a service of network security analysis reporting promptly on network vulnerabilities and helps to remedy them and ensure compliance. With vulnerability scanning functions, open ports detection, handling upgrades, change management files, folders and Windows registry and reporting of vulnerabilities, this service protects the network from malicious threats and attacks.