Performance Analysis


It is proposed to conduct a thorough analysis of the performance of the LAN and the Internet or network to determine the root problems that are causing abnormal or irregular behavior on the network, so that later the customer to plan and implement the respective solution.
The purpose of this service, and to describe the problems and weaknesses of the network, the client can have a roadmap in order to define the improvement of the platform and drive the necessary steps before possible investments required as remediation.


Load Tests


The service consists of a mix of products that enable level analysis of applications and underlying networks, so cover all aspects involving environment and the final result in terms of performance and safety of the application.

As an added value, it allows the product to use the integration of a third software component, called, for discovering the flaws at the code level in the developments made on the application, in case of such problems.


Web Applications Monitoring


We have the necessary tools to monitor the Web applications in your organization, and that they support internal and external users and are critical to the business, it is important to ensure optimum performance.